Druzy or not druzy, that is the question

I am SO excited about a new item I have been working on for my shop. It stems from my love of all things shiny and inspired by nature and these beautiful crystals that grow on or within a rock. When I was younger, my family would take vacations and go on road trips. The six of us would pile into the minivan, always in the same seating arrangement, and venture out to explore new places. During these trips, we would always stop at the general stores and gift shops in the area to buy souvenirs and food. Most, if not all, the general stores we visited had tables or atleast a box of different gemstones and rocks. I remember some had slices of rocks in beautiful colors, some even had rocks cut in half with what looked like glitter covering the inside. Back then, I ignored the glittery ones and always got to take home a gemstone or two, sometimes even a tiny 2″ x 3″ ziplock bag full.

I wish I had gotten the glittery ones. And I have no idea where all those gemstones are now.

Those were my inspiration for the new line I am working on. It also helps that they seem to have popped up on different websites all of a sudden.

So here are a few I’ve been working on. I wanted to limit them to just a few colors for now.
What do you think? Are there any colors you would like to see?