Druzy or not druzy, that is the question

I am SO excited about a new item I have been working on for my shop. It stems from my love of all things shiny and inspired by nature and these beautiful crystals that grow on or within a rock. When I was younger, my family would take vacations and go on road trips. The six of us would pile into the minivan, always in the same seating arrangement, and venture out to explore new places. During these trips, we would always stop at the general stores and gift shops in the area to buy souvenirs and food. Most, if not all, the general stores we visited had tables or atleast a box of different gemstones and rocks. I remember some had slices of rocks in beautiful colors, some even had rocks cut in half with what looked like glitter covering the inside. Back then, I ignored the glittery ones and always got to take home a gemstone or two, sometimes even a tiny 2″ x 3″ ziplock bag full.

I wish I had gotten the glittery ones. And I have no idea where all those gemstones are now.

Those were my inspiration for the new line I am working on. It also helps that they seem to have popped up on different websites all of a sudden.

So here are a few I’ve been working on. I wanted to limit them to just a few colors for now.
What do you think? Are there any colors you would like to see?


Jewelry storage

Over the past few months I have been looking (with very little effort) for a new fill length mirror and a new way to store all my jewelry. My current jewelry storage stand is pretty embarrassing.

It wasn’t until I was randomly browsing YouTube when I came across a video by Aubrey (fafinettex3) sharing her jewelry storage. I FELL IN LOVE, and I immediately went Internet searching for one. I found this one by Lori Greiner on the QVC website, but after factoring in taxes and shipping, it would have cost me about $200. Really? Two hundred dollars? I haven’t spent that much money on myself since I paid my last car payment!

I searched EBay and Amazon, then somehow I ended up on Walmart’s website. I found this one. It’s cheaper but it hangs on the wall/over the door. However, storage is similar. Wayyyy too much ring storage for me so it seems like wasted space but I’m sure I can find a way to modify it so more bracelets can fit there :).

Speaking of bracelets, here are a few new pieces I’ve made lately:


Fireworks, friends, and fancy things

I love summer in California! Only thing I don’t like is the heat. What the?! Yeah, I hate the heat which is why I think sometimes that I don’t belong in California. But (with the exception of last week) we get beautiful skies, lots of sunshine, and we get to break out the cut off shorts 😉.

Independence Day usually tips off the start of summer for me. We spent the day at my parents’ house with my family and BBQ’d. It’s been a while since our entire family was together all at once, most of the time there’s always atleast one person off doing their own thing. We visited the annual Let Freedom Ring Celebration that the city holds every 4th of July and settled in to watch the fireworks from the nearby high school. Will someone PLEASE tell my kid that fireworks are the coolest thing ever? She was asleep the entire show, while we sat outside with the fireworks banging and lighting up the overhead sky.

My mini played a bit at her grandma’s school the other week and judging by the videos my MIL sent me, she was definitely the center of attention. Apparently all the kids wanted to play with her. Someone also decided to get her sick– my poor baby came down with the sniffles and a horrible cough! The days of yucky germs and cold are upon us. My husband says it’s good for her immune system, I told him he better watch out and his immune system better get ready.

In the world of crafting, I made my first few sales as LoveKhloeStudio. It’s an awesome feeling to see that email that says someone liked something you made enough to buy it and not make it themselves. I’ve made a few new pieces and I am actually starting the transition to a new shop site. I’ve always used Etsy in the past, never even knew others were out there (aside from EBay and Amazon, that is). I’ve read about Big Cartel and wasn’t thrilled about paying for it nor being so limited on the free option. Then I found Storenvy, where they don’t charge a few for listing or take a percentage of your sales. Where you can design your shop to look like more your own rather than a cookie cutter store that looks like everyone else’s. Where not every single person is selling the same exact items. LOVE IT. So I’ll be listing items on Storenvy from now on. I’ll leave my Etsy open– it’s more popular so there’s still some exposure left to be had there, but new items will be on Storenvy. Wish me luck!