Jewelry storage

Over the past few months I have been looking (with very little effort) for a new fill length mirror and a new way to store all my jewelry. My current jewelry storage stand is pretty embarrassing.

It wasn’t until I was randomly browsing YouTube when I came across a video by Aubrey (fafinettex3) sharing her jewelry storage. I FELL IN LOVE, and I immediately went Internet searching for one. I found this one by Lori Greiner on the QVC website, but after factoring in taxes and shipping, it would have cost me about $200. Really? Two hundred dollars? I haven’t spent that much money on myself since I paid my last car payment!

I searched EBay and Amazon, then somehow I ended up on Walmart’s website. I found this one. It’s cheaper but it hangs on the wall/over the door. However, storage is similar. Wayyyy too much ring storage for me so it seems like wasted space but I’m sure I can find a way to modify it so more bracelets can fit there :).

Speaking of bracelets, here are a few new pieces I’ve made lately:



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