Wow, I can’t believe how horrible I’ve become with blogging. I remember in the late 90’s I was allll about blogging, sometimes had to resist posting more than once a day. Reading a few of my old blogs, I can’t believe how much slang I used. I guess I should be happy that I was never into the whole sTicKy cAPs thing. I wrote such personal posts (mostly relationship related) and if you’re a young girl reading this heartbroken about a guy, another one WILL come along, it’s not the end of the world like I always thought haha. Anyway, I’ve learned to keep all most of my personal drama off the Internet.

What has been going on since I last posted? Oh, just life. Enjoying watching my daughter grow up– she’s already 19 months and, yes, 2nd birthday party planning is already underway.

I recently dug up my old beading case at my parents’ home and have started putting them to good use. I opened an Etsy shop just a couple weeks ago. Right now, I am only making bracelets and working on stocking the shop. I named it after my daughter, hence the name lovekhloestudio, because I’m doing this for her– any profit I make from the shop will go into her savings/college fund. Here are a few of the things I’ve made:




Follow me on Instagram if you have it –>; lovekhloestudio. I’m planning on doing giveaways and usually post new items there before posting them on Etsy!


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